2005 MOCNA International Meet in Astoria, Oregon

Gary Bosselman
19160-R1-01-23A 19160-R1-02-22A 19160-R1-03-21A 19160-R1-04-20A 19160-R1-05-19A 19160-R1-06-18A
19160-R1-07-17A 19160-R1-08-16A 19160-R1-09-15A 19160-R1-12-12A 19160-R1-13-11A 19160-R1-14-10A
19160-R1-15-9A 19160-R1-16-8A 19160-R1-17-7A 19160-R1-18-6A 19160-R1-19-5A 19160-R1-20-4A
19160-R1-21-3A 19160-R1-22-2A 19160-R1-23-1A 19160-R1-24-0A 19161-R1-00-24A 19161-R1-01-23A
19161-R1-02-22A 19161-R1-03-21A 19161-R1-04-20A 19161-R1-05-19A 19161-R1-06-18A 19161-R1-07-17A
19161-R1-08-16A 19161-R1-09-15A 19161-R1-10-14A 19161-R1-11-13A 19161-R1-12-12A 19161-R1-13-11A
19161-R1-14-10A 19161-R1-15-9A 19161-R1-16-8A 19161-R1-20-4A 19162-R1-02-17 19162-R1-03-16
19162-R1-11-8 DSCN6321 DSCN6322 DSCN6323 DSCN6324 DSCN6325
DSCN6326 DSCN6327 DSCN6328 DSCN6329 DSCN6330 DSCN6331
DSCN6332 DSCN6333 DSCN6334 DSCN6335 DSCN6336 DSCN6337
DSCN6338 DSCN6339 DSCN6340 DSCN6341 DSCN6342 DSCN6343
DSCN6344 DSCN6345 DSCN6346 DSCN6347 Gary and car at Pacific Ocean Gary and car at Pacific Ocean 2
IMG_0381 IMG_0384 IMG_0384[1] (2) IMG_0405 IMG_0413 IMG_0432
IMG_0433 lining up at hotel for ramble Wisconsin Met Set 2 Wreck of the Peter Iredale